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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fair in the Panhandle

Last night we took Lu to the fair. She literally stared at the lights and the people for two hours. We were all pretty amazed by what we saw. I never knew some of the things that you can find at your local fair. Cheap entertainment (this is for you anonymous from my last post, you are invited to help make some more toys with me next time, whoever you are). I learned a few things... you can deep fry anything, if you work a fair ride you must smoke a cigarette as you take the child's ticket, and freak shows still exist- and I am talking about fair goers. It was really a lot of fun. It was men's night, so Phillip got in for free. We walked and looked at everything, ate dinner, and I even saw "The tinniest woman." I thought that it was going to be some fake mechanical thing. I paid $1 and walked up the steps, looked over, and there she was. She was a real tiny woman. She could have easily fit in LAS' umbrella stroller. She said, "Hello. How are you tonight?" I froze because I still was expecting a fake something. My first reaction: I threw her a dollar and said, "I am fine, thank you." Phillip said as soon as I looked over the wall my face went white. I couldn't get over it. It made me sad. I always thought those things were fake, so of course I wanted to go to all of them. I by passed the living lady without a head and the giant rat. I was debating about the snake girl until I talked to two little boys who saw her and they said it was pretty fake looking. Do you agree that this would make the best reality show!! I would totally watch a show where they followed people that worked for a traveling fair and their lives doing so. Amazing! Who should we call. I want them to follow the tiny lady from Haiti. She seemed so nice.

She is real people. They even had her in a little room where everything was miniature. It was very sad to me.
We tried the deep fried oreos. I felt pretty disgusting, but they were delicious. I think Lu wants some.

Got to have a corn dog!

They had a model train exhibit and she loved watching the trains!

And... you can get your teeth whitened at the fair. Who knew?!?

They also had a petting zoo. These were baby potbelly pigs. Adorable.


Tori said...

Looks like a great time...cute blog:)

M. Congleton said...

why do you need to get your teeth whitened at a fair???!!!

ml said...

I think your freak show trip is HILARIOUS!!

Some Like it Southern said...

Yeah, the fair can be pretty interesting! Glad that you guys enjoyed it!

Laura Jaquith said...

You make me laugh!! Fairs are always good to make you feel like a normal person. I'm so glad Lucy liked it. And like Mallory asked, why do you need your teeth whitened at a fair? Aren't most people there losing teeth or toothless to begin with?