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Monday, July 5, 2010

Big 4th of July Weekend

This weekend was awesome. Our best friends came down from Birmingham, with their girls, and we celebrated. I am pooped. So is the rest of our clan. We packed a lot into the weekend and it was worth every second. Mal and I got to hang out by the pool, enjoy a kid free dinner, go see Eclipse, and watch some fireworks. The girls played great together and so did the husbands. Maybe one day we will be back in Birmingham and make it a regular occurrence.
Here is how the weekend went...

Congletons arrive and girls immediately begin playing. It is almost 9:00...

Next morning. They needed breakfast, stat.

Blueberries and toast. Let's just say we saw a lot of blueberries this weekend.

Then we headed to the pool. Lu and E look mighty comfy in their birthday suits. They will kill us for this one day.
Then Mommies and Daddies had a kid free dinner. Thank you babysitter!
We did have some adult fun. (Mommy and Daddy juice)

Sunday we went to Phillip's job site and to the park to burn off some energy.
After some napping we decided to check out the beach. It was a little oily so we didn't last long.

Bryan and Em.
Christian played in the sand a bit and Lu enjoyed it.

We then headed downtown for the Fourth of July festivities. A quick stop to play in the fountains.

Christian protected Em from all of the crazy Pcola people.

Then we listened to music and got ready for the show. We were there for hours, but the kids did great. I think Lu has a new friend in Christian. She followed her everywhere.

We lost our bow early on and had a chocolate face.

Christian really enjoyed the show! Even Anderson came to watch with us. They were great!
By the end of the night we were all looking pretty rough.


M. Congleton said...

GA.....when looking at all the pictures, I can't believe we did all that in 2 days! It was so much fun though. Great pictures. i love the one of Lucy and CC!
Love ya
miss ya
tell Phillip to keep his beer to himself!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun packed fantastic weekend. Lucy loos so tanned. Love the pick of her looking at the ocean.

Gaa Gaa