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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jacksonville Zoo

On Tuesday of our trip we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. It is soooo nice. One of the nicest zoos there is. Lu loved seeing the animals and even got to feed the giraffe his breakfast. She squealed so loud, I am surprised she didn't scare them. I had made her an outfit, this may sound crazy, to go to the zoo in. I know, a little much, but she finally got to wear it to the zoo. We were afraid she might get mixed up with the zebras. Ha! We had such a fun time and even got to see one of our old friends and her little girl.

Lucy LOVED the giraffe and feeding it!
Jill and Reese feeding the baby.

Ok, if you know Don Skipper (Grandaddy), or don't, this looks just like him! Spitting image! New screen saver!

We rode the train. It did not go well. We lost a pacie, she screamed, I screamed, Daddy stayed very quiet, and we didn't see many animals because of the above.

She loves her daddy!!!
Mema and Mimi enjoying the trip, kind of. Sad that we put Great Grandmother to work pushing the stroller. Don't judge me.

And we are done. Just wanted sit in the middle of the walkway and eat her snack. We left after this. She fell asleep very soon after!


Anonymous said...

It's a great zoo. I bet Mema didn't mind a bit pushing that stroller.

Gaa Gaa

Laura Jaquith said...

How cute! I love the outfit! I think it's a great idea to do themed outfits. That's what having kids is all about. I love the train story. We didn't really enjoy the one at our zoo either. They are just too active to sit still for so long.