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Thursday, June 10, 2010

15 Months Old

LAS is 15 months old. I can not believe how fast time has gone by. Really, it is amazing. How does she learn so many new things, so quickly?! Lu is talking up a storm. She has a lot of words, too many to name, and most of the time I can understand what she is saying. I emphasize that "I" can understand her "most" of the time. I am around her 24-7 so I know what word she is trying to say. It is pretty amazing. Some times she puts two words together, but this is a very new skill. Of course she is climbing everywhere and on everything. Lu has been promoted to the next level is Gymboree play and in music. She follows directions and truly understands what we are saying. Guess we better watch our language in traffic! This is probably my favorite age thus far. LAS was not the best baby and cried a lot. Now we have so much fun together. She blows kisses, gives kisses, and is just down right sweet. We have always had issues with sleeping, but the past month has been great; 8-7. Of course on the night of her 15 month birthday she refused to sleep and now I am exhausted. We are keeping our fingers crossed it was just a fluke. Lu has the biggest personality and is so friendly with others. She is going to be a great girl, we can already tell. Everyone always comments on how happy she is.
(Please keep your bow in your hair. Thanks.)

*Lu loves bananas, ketchup, blueberries, green beans, CHEESE.
*Loves to drink her milk, especially if it is strawberry. Hasn't had a bottle since she turned one.
*Holds any blanket and says "Nigh Nigh"
*Loves to get in the water and swim
*Loves to go "outside"
*Will dance to any music you put on
*Has 11 teeth
*Wears a size 4 diaper
*Wears between a size 12 and 18 months in clothes
*Wears a size 5, almost 6, shoe- Girl has big feet. She gets it honest.


LG said...

Great update! She is growing up so fast!

Laura Jaquith said...

Crazy, but all of that sounds exactly like Haley. It's amazing how alike they are. I know exactly what you mean about this being the best age so far. I totally agree.

Susannah said...

Dang, she is seriously so stinkin cute! We are going to get together and meet and have a play date one day!