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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gabriella Returns

Gabriella returned today after staying in the North Pole for a few nights. She left a note saying that she wouldn't return until Lu started to be a little nicer to her Mom and Dad. Honestly she is lucky to be back. A toddler and a new baby can make for a nasty mix. Oh, especially when said toddler is a girl and only grandchild. Can we say S P O I L E D. I'm pretty exhausted trying to fix this! Maybe with Gabriella back we'll see some improvements.

Having a midnight snack with Dora...
Doing a little gold-fishing...

In other news... Lu got her school pictures back and I think they are great. It's amazing how much she has changed. She is such a cutie and (usually) a very sweet little girl. I love her so much!!


ml said...

I love your Gabriella ideas. We are doing good if Dusty moves every night!!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little school pic.
Love that Gabby is back and fishing for crackers. Hope attitudes improve.

Gaa Gaa