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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December, really?

So it's about 75 degrees and we are trying to get in the Christmas spirit. It's a little hard to do in short sleeves. We've been having a lot of fun doing some Christmas projects, thanks again to Pinterest. I love that site! Today we did not have tv because a certain 2 year old talks to her parents like a 15 year old. I'm not sure if it is more punishment for Mom and Dad or Lu to be tv free. It was actually very nice and we played and did some projects. Lucy loves to put on shows and today she had a dance class in her room. She lined all of her animals around the room to watch and set up chairs for Phillip and I to watch. Someone needs to get this girl an agent.
Then she wanted to go to the park dressed like this (notice the lip when I told her she couldn't):

RWS got all dressed up for church today. This was the first time we took him. He just sat in his car seat during the service and Sunday school. Overall he did well. Such a good little man.

I feel like I never take pictures with him, so I made Phil take some. I look very tired, cause I am.
Someone has started smiling a little bit. We took a million pictures trying to capture one. Look at my chunky. Then, this is what we had for dinner. Drunk chicken by Phil. Very delicious. I thought it looked really funny sitting on a beer can.

I talked Lu into wearing her Christmas dress and taking some pictures in front of the tree. All I had to say was she could hold her brother. Here are some of our projects from today. The reindeer are our fingerprints. The lights are her fingerprints. I think I'm going to do this on a dish cloth for a gift.


ml said...

SO CUTE!! I recognize that pink ornament!! Love to you all!

Susannah said...

You do the cutest crafts! He is so cute and chunky, he looks like my chunky boy too!