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Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween Party

Today Lucy had her Halloween Party at school. We went to the fall festival and then there was a party in her classroom. It was really fun to see her with the other kids from class and to see what they do everyday. Mrs. Sarah really has then trained. They put their juice cups in the sink when they are done, push theirs chairs under the table when they are finished eating, and do a lot more for her than for their Mommies. I was so proud. Daddy even came to the fall festival, which she loved. We had a fun day with her friends. For dinner we went to Ihop and had the scary pancake. I had seen a commercial for a free pancake on the 29th, so we went and had a treat. She loved the candy corn most of all. She definitely has a sweet tooth!
(These are from yesterday.)

First sucker! She loved it!

Bobbing for treats.

The balloons were a hit.
Mrs. Sarah and her kiddos.
Snack time before the party.
They were all so good for the party.
Some of her artwork she has been doing in class.
Then it was pancake time! Yummy!


Susannah said...

Awww so sweet! They are so diff at daycare!! Her artwork is precious! How old is she now??

The Skippers said...

It is crazy how different they are. I wish I could take her art work, but they save it for an art show. She is almost 20 months. Not a teenager any more!