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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Zoo is Hot

Today we went to visit a friend while she was getting her classroom ready for students. While we were out that way Janet and Oliver met us and we headed to the zoo. We thought going early might help with the heat, well it is just hot all of the time. The moms and kids were pretty sweaty. The kids liked the animals, especially the petting zoo part. They had some random baby goats roaming and that was cute. Except when I looked over to see a baby goat eating the golden fish out of Lu's stroller, oh and when he jumped up and put his front two feet on her. She was startled, but not terrified. She wanted me to do all of the feeding. She just kept saying,"Ewww" and and occasional, "Yummy." Lu was not impressed with the pigs or the loud monkeys. The pigs grossed her out and the monkeys made her cry. I guess we will have to keep trying. Oliver really enjoyed it and is great with his animal sounds. Smarty pants!
Hmmm...Do you see these things?

Yes, Janet is wearing a houndstooth Alabama hat. I didn't tell her that I did not approve because it was hot and sunny out. Next time, you better leave that at home or I will just bring a replacement.

This was also the baby goat that enjoyed goldfish from our stroller and may even have tried to lick the juice cup.

Kind of freaky looking.

We also loved feeding the giraffe!

Of course we had to check out the bunnies. I think that she could have watched them for a while.

Both of the kids loved the snake. I was surprised, but Lu went right up to it and touched it.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time. Love her zoo dress.

Gaa Gaa