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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big Move

We have officially made the big move to Louisiana. So far, I think that I will like it. There is a lot to do with Lu and seems to be some good shopping. Always a plus! Moving for the fourth time in fours years is pretty crazy. I have realized a few things this time around: always have the movers pack for you, we have awesome family that helps out, and take a look at the place you're moving to before you get there. I do like our new place a lot! I think it will be a good fit. As soon as we get it together I will put some pictures up. It is really hard to continue moving further from family and away from friends. It is hard to watch their lives go on and you are still here watching from the sidelines. I guess it is just part of life. For now Lu and I will try and keep ourselves occupied discovering our new home.
Pcola home all packed up!

The new place in Louisiana...

My uncle drove a LONG way to help us. He is pretty awesome!

Lu passed the time listening to Daddy's ipod. Don't worry, it was turned down really low.

She loved spinning around before the movers got there.
With Momma M and Grandaddy.

Downtown Baton Rouge.
Old Governor's mansion.


Becky said...

It looks great! Lucy is so cute! You're only a few short hours away, but I can imagine it would be hard. Have no worries, you have an amazing group of women here that love you and will always be here for you and you're an amazing person people are drawn to. You'll make friends fast.

Susannah said...

I cannot get over how much cuter Lucy gets with every post! That iPod picture is priceless and beyond adorable! One day we are getting these girls together-they cuteness will be incredible!! Plus, we would have fun too!
Best Wishes in Baton Rouge!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a tiring few days.
The apartment sounds nice. Wish I could have come with Big. Looks like a pretty city you get to explore. Love the I-pod and twirling pics.

Gaa Gaa