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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Only Missing the Margarita

Today is music day and I decided to take a few pictures, since I forget to when I'm there. She behaved very well today. A lot of times music is difficult because she is way too busy. It was Motown today and she liked it! Next week we get ready for St. Patty's Day and listen to Celtic. Should be interesting. After class my friend Margaret and I usually go out to eat. Today we had Mexican food. I really wanted a margarita, but I thought that might look bad being it was lunch and we had two children with us. I did think about it though. I guess the moms will have to do that by themselves one time.

Didn't realize how rough I looked. Yikes. Oh well, we don't have many pictures together.

Playing her drum.
In lieu of a sombrero, Anderson put a sock on his head.

Stuffing their faces.

Trying a lemon. Believe it or not she loved it and went back for more. The lemon face is priceless.

At dinner tonight she put what she didn't want in her cup holder. (Kara, I think I remember Aiden doing this.) It is part of a roast, if you are wondering. She ate very well. Thanks Momma M.


Some Like it Southern said...

first off, stop it, you looked great today (as you always do)!

secondly, the pics are great! thanks for putting them up on the blog. i may steal the one or two of them!

and last but not least, i had a great time today! thanks for being my lunch date!

M. Congleton said...

I remember CC doing the same thing with lemons...she would make a horrible face but keep going back for more. Whenever we would go out to eat we would immediately ask for lemons b/c they occupied her for so long! fun picture to have!

Lee and Suze said...

HAHAHAHA! Lu's lemon face IS the best. How awesome. I actually have a picture of Lee making that exact same face (after eating that exact same fruit!) :D