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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Spooktacular Weekend

We had a great weekend. We finalized our Halloween costumes on Friday night with a trip to WalMart. Note: The WalMart on Hwy 29 is always packed and usually pretty scary. That was night because it was Halloween weekend. Avoid it at all costs. Saturday we got LAS all dressed up in her cute little lamb costume and went to a fall festival. We were very excited about getting her out and seeing some great things. Not so much. I almost had a panic attack because there were so many people in one place. Literally. I had to get out of there. There wasn't really anything for her to do and there were thousands of people inside the church. I know that it was great for the kids, but next year her dad might have to take her by himself. I have figured out what gets to me and it is not fun! After a little nap we all got ready and went to a Halloween party/30th birthday for our friend Scott. His wife had everything planned out to the "T". Phillip and I went as Double Dare contestants. I am proud to say that we one the costume competition and received a bottle of wine and a beautiful trophy. Lu played with her friends and we had a great time! They always throw a good party. Sunday we went to church and then played at Gymboree for a little bit. It was a great time! I am sad I can't put her in her costume anymore. She really did great in it.

At the fall festival.

She really couldn't move any body parts so she sat pretty still.

Playing with Jersey and Natalie. We had already put on our PJs.

The winners and their trophy!

We are going to try and get a new one every year and display them!


Becky said...

I love the costumes! Lucy is so cute.

Lauren said...

I love the Double Dare idea!! And the sheep is too much ... she looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend had by all! Lucy is adorable in the lamb costume.

Gaa Gaa

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy! Happy 8-month Birthday!! Love, Daddy.