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Monday, November 9, 2009

Phillip's Big Surprise

(the invitation)

My husband, Phillip, turns the big 3-0 this month and I put together a really big surprise. I told him we were going hiking and renting a cabin in Northern Alabama. He also was supposed to get a 55 minute foot massage. Why would he believe that? What we really did was go to Talladega Super Speedway. He is not really a huge NASCAR fan, but has always wanted to be the driver on the car commercial where it says "closed course, professional driver." This is the closest I could get. So, Phillip took a class and got to drive a race car 6 laps around the track. It is all through the Dale Jarrett racing school. I also surprised him by inviting some family and friends. He had no clue. It was so nice for everyone to come out and wish him a happy birthday. We have some great people in our lives. Don't worry LAS didn't miss out. She was there and I even made her a cute NASCAR dress. I tried to google one to buy, but had no luck. I like mine better. Phillip's top speed was 176 mph. He did great and we had a lot of fun.
Ready to ride! My shirt is the same picture from the ivitation.
Lu and Momma M

Christian, cheering on Phillip

Denise, Brian, Allison, and Emory
His certificate after he finished. Highest speed 176!

Lu's one of a kind dress!

Great race Dad... high five!

race car cake (cupcakes)


ml said...

That was so awesome! I am so sad that we couldn't be there. I know Phillip had such a good time. Good job Fran!

LG said...

Franny! you are such a sweet wifey! That is a GREAT idea! cute pics!

M. Congleton said...

cute pic of you and Lucy!

We had a blast. thanks for inviting us.

Becky said...

THat is awesome! I'm so glad everything turned out great. Cute dress!

Anonymous said...

Fran, It was a super fun weekend.


Gaa Gaa

Laura Jaquith said...

That looks so fun! You are such a good wife to do that. I love LAS's dress. You are totally crafty too. How awesome.