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Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Show

Last night Lucy's school had her art show. They show off a lot of the projects they do throughout the year. We got a sitter for RWS and had a special night with just Lu. We told her to pick where she wanted to go for dinner and of course, chick fil a. Girl loves some chick fil a sauce! Me too! It was such a fun night and reminded us how much we LOVE her school. 

Showing off her chicken!

 The cow was there!
 Showing us her classroom and all of her art!

 This one was funny. The teacher had her draw something and then tell what it was. "Magic Doors for Daddy to go in" Not really sure what they lead too.

 Not really wanting to take a picture.
 Much happier with Ms. Dee. She told Ms. Dee that she looked like Snow White.

1 comment:

M. Congleton said...

Love the 2nd picture!!!
looks like a lot of fun!