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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reynolds is Baptized!

Today was a very special day for our family. Reynolds was baptized in our church here. We pledged to bring him up with the Lord and teach him the importance of church. I hope that we can be the best parents we can be and create a good example for him. He did great, no tears. I was nervous. RWS wore the same baptismal gown that Phillip wore and Lucy wore it almost three years ago. It is really special because Phillip's Aunt Sissy made it. It is so delicate and beautiful. It is so special to have them wear such an important heirloom. Our friend's had their son, Sammy, baptized at the same service and we all went to eat after. Lucy loved having her BFF, Amelia, there. Here are some pictures of this special day!
Sweet angel...

We were so blessed to have Phillip's parents there. It is hard being so far away from family, so it sure was nice to have them there.

With Momma M and Grandaddy.

At lunch he had a little wardrobe change. Isn't he the cutest!

My friend has a cake business on the side and made us this beautiful cake. It was delicious!

Lu and Amelia, BFF

Relaxing after a long morning!


ACT said...

He is soooo precious!!!

Susannah said...

Oh he is just the cutest thing! I love both if his outfits. I swear I think he looks so much like Harrison!

Anonymous said...

So sorry we all couldn't be there for Reynold's special day. He's so perfect. You have a great little family!!!!!

Love Gaa Gaa