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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ok, So this is what we've been up to

Well, I have been a bad blogger lately. I have no good excuse. Believe me, I was trying to think of one. I'm just about to have a baby and have a two and a half year old. That might be excuse enough. I'm pooped! We have been keeping pretty busy though. Here are some things that we have done recently.

We have made several art projects. I found this one on Pinterest. I know you all love that sight as much as me. This was a just a little something we sent to our Grandmothers.

We have had many picnics.

Played monster/alien.

Tried out the indoor bounce house. We went for a birthday party this time. Lu has absolutely no fear when it comes to this stuff. The higher, the better as far as she is concerned. I had a hard time finding a picture where she wasn't going WWF on the other children. She might be the only pro wrestler that wants to have pink nails and a big bow.

The best I could get with the birthday girl.

Now we only eat the tops off the cupcakes. I also cut her hair in a bob one night when she was sitting in my lap. I think this pregnancy is making me crazy.

We started Friday Night Movie Night. She got to get in Dad's sleeping bag and we watched Bambi. I would have to say it is her absolute favorite movie. She thought that she was big stuff in that sleeping bag. If we are good all week, we get to do it again. Crossing my fingers that it works. We also went to the zoo. Not smart for someone who is 35 weeks pregnant and lives in the heat of Southern Louisiana. We had a good time, but I was spent by the end of it.

And lastly, we helped Dad wash his car. Big hit!!


ACT said...

I am pooped too! I was in the bed at 9:00 last night. Love the little hand craft. I am on Pinterest but have done nothing with it so far. I don't quite understand how it works yet. I love that you cut her hair! It looks great! If I cut hair it would look like the hack job Owen did on herself last year. And finally, it's official...Benton Money Thompson. It's a super long story but Ben has always been my boy name but that is Steve's boss' name so we reached a good compromise. And if we ever wanted to drop it to Ben, well.... :)

Susannah said...

So cute! I love her hair! I cannot believe you're about to have this baby! Dang, girl! Your're busy. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. You all make a cute family.

Gaa Gaa