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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Under Construction

Phillip, Lu, and I just got back from a quick trip to Birmingham to do a little checking on our house, playing in the pool, and visiting with friends. If you didn't know, the house we rent out in Birmingham was damaged in the tornadoes a couple of months ago and we are having things fixed. Luckily we are very happy with our contractor and the work that is being done. The sad part is that our street is virtually unrecognizable. It is very sad. There are no trees left and just looks weird. They said that it was a F-2 tornado that didn't touch down. At least it didn't touch down. I can only imagine the damage it could have done if it had. Luckily everyone was safe. If you knew our house before, it is so crazy to see the change.


The house looks fine, but the yard is amazing. That green house was not visible before the storm.

Carport side of the house, looking into the backyard. The rebuilt addition is the yellow color.

Our backyard. Very sad looking. We used to have trees. Our yard stops where the trees begin.

The addition.

The neighbor to our left has A LOT of work to do. They had a ton of damage. We used to not be able to see into their backyard.
Our front yard. Still waiting on FEMA to pick up these giants.
So much for putting the house on the market. More fun pictures from out trip to come.


Susannah said...

OMG, where is your house? Cahaba Heights? That looks awful, I'm so sorry! My parents are off Acton by the golf course and their areas still look like that!

kristen elaine said...

oh fran! i'm so sorry you guys are having to deal with that - especially from a far. let us know if you need anything!

and... happy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Geeezzzzzzzz Fran, I didn't realize how bad that storm was. Looks like the work is progressing nicely. It will look great when it is all done. Bet you can't wait ot have that all finished.

Gaa Gaa