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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rainy Days

It has been a little rainy here lately and today was no exception. The morning was touch and go and I thought that we would brave the zoo. We made it without getting really wet, so that was nice. It was a little break from the suffocating heat. Our friends met us there and the girls had a great time.

After nap we played in our big girl room for a while. We played beauty parlor and pretended her rug was a swimming pool. The tutu was her "bathing soup". That is why there is no shirt on. She also lined up all of her animals so they could watch her swim. All eyes on her, always. Do you think a new baby is going to rock her world or what?!?!

Linely and Lucy.

About to play beauty parlor and swimming pool. Notice the audience.

And meet our newest member, Jonathan. We "feed" him every morning. Tonight Jonathan got a haircut and we have really enjoyed taking care of him. He came from Lowe's if you're interested; they have other animals too. We're not really sure why she named him Jonathan, but it has stuck.


kristen said...

She is so precious. I wish we lived closer. I think Owen would love a little Jonathan. How are y'all doing on names? We need some help. If you have one, send your leftovers this way..

M. Congleton said...

I love her little pigtails! And her big girl room is precious. I wish we were closer so I could just stop by to see it.
I miss y'all.....glad you are back to posting!