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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I'm not really sure where January went. If anyone knows, please tell me. Here is a quick wrap up of our month. Maybe I can get it together from here on out.

We played in boxes...

Spent time with good friends... (look how happy that baby is!)

Played with stickers... (notice the pointed toe)

Played with Mommy's old friend... (yes, I have a secret talent)

Had some deep convo with Mommy... (she sits and looks at me and says, "So?")

Visited the museum with new friends...

Started playing dress up... (very serious stuff)


Matt and Elizabeth said...

Fran - She is adorable! I love the dress up pictures!

Anonymous said...

Been missing your blog. Love the update. She is somthing else.

Gaa Gaa

Susannah said...

Sweet face! I love her sassy dress up pictures! And yay for Narf!! When the freak are we going to hang out? Dang! Our kids would have a blast!

ml said...

LOVE these pictures! Lucy seems to be a LOT like her Momma... I'm just sayin'

ml said...
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