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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! We have been on the move for several weeks now. One more trip before we settle down for a little while. For New Year's we went to my parent's in St. Mary's, Georgia. It was a lot of fun. My Aunt and Uncle came from South Carolina and they brought my Grandmother. My Aunt Angie (GaaGaa) lives in St Mary's too, so we got to see her. We actually made it to midnight on New Years, although Phillip and I might have been the only ones who did. My how times have changed, and it is completely fine with me. LAS is really walking now. She doesn't really crawl at all. She also said her very first real word, "dog." She didn't really have a choice since there were a million dogs at my parents' house. Lu would point and say dog when she saw one. It was awesome. She also is throwing her hands up when we say "Touchdown Auburn!" Thank goodness we won the bowl game and we actually did score a touchdown. Maybe she is good luck!

Playing with Aunt Susan

This is what Daddy did a lot of

Trying on Daddy's Auburn hat after the win!

She loved Brooke and this is her giving the pup a hug and kiss. It was very sweet!

Reading with her Great Grandmother.

This is how LAS celebrated after the Auburn win!

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Some Like it Southern said...

Glad y'all had a nice New Years! Lucy is so cute! Miss you guys, can't wait to see her walking skills!