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Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 months old

On January 9th our little one turned 10 months old. Double digits!! Everyone always tells you that it is going to fly by when you have a baby. They are right. I can't believe that in less than 2 months she will be one year old. Amazing! I am a little late posting because we were actually at a wedding on her birthday. One of my friends from college, Morgan, got married in Auburn. It was so great to be there, especially because we got to see Aunt Molly and Uncle Bo. They watched LAS while we went to all of the wedding festivities. The wedding was beautiful and we saw a lot of old friends. Amy and Justin met us there too and it was awesome to see them there. It was really fun to have some adult time with Phillip. We danced, but he mostly danced by himself. I guess you had to be there, but I would look up to find him dancing around by himself! We had a great weekend!

Rehearsal Dinner

Morgan and John.
Me and Phillip. Phillip is in the red tie. Dancing by himself. Gotta love his sense of humor!

Me and Amy.
Amy and Justin.

The lady at the Conference Center was not too thrilled about Phillip touching this. He did this for you Ben.

Lu, you are 10 months and this is what you are doing:

*Walking- everywhere

*You have said a few words; dog, wow, got it

*You still love bath time

*You are very cuddly

*You eat pretty much everything and don't really eat baby food.

* You drink juice from your juice cup.

*You have 3 bottles a day.

*You have started to really enjoy books.

*You still don't sleep that well. Thanks, by the way.

*You are a very happy baby and love to laugh.

*You love your dolls and love to give your pacie to them.

*You still wear a size 3 diaper.

*You love to see your Daddy walk through the door. It is pretty awesome.

*You love to get in the dishwasher!


Anonymous said...

Lucy's pictures is adorable. The kid cannot take a bad pic. And what a cute dress you have Fran!!!!!!

Gaa Gaa

M. Congleton said...

How cute!
The wedding looked like fun....were you laughing the whole time Phillip was dancing by himself????:);):)

the baileys said...

Fran! I can't believe LAS is 10 months old! Crazy!! Seems like just yesterday you were telling me you were pregnant:) Hope y'all are well & hope to see you soon!

LG said...

GOsh! all 3 of you ladies are looking HOT! way to go! Love, Love's dress!

Some Like it Southern said...

Happy belated 10 Months Lucy!

You look great in your dress! Love it!!

Susannah said...

SHe is SOOOO adorable! I cannot believe that she does all that stuff at 10 months! I guess that is what is coming up for us-Emma is 5 months. Yikes....I'm gonna be busy!

Laura Jaquith said...

Lucy is beautiful! Haley loves baths too! It was so much fun seeing you guys at the rehearsal dinner. I can't wait to see you again very soon. It was tons of fun to have someone so close to Haley's age to compare notes with. We will have lots to talk about.