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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day! We have had a good day, just a little hectic. Nothing like a two year old hyped up on sugar. Really, nothing like it. Over the weekend Lu and I got some treats ready for her class and decorated her shoe box for valentines. We had a lot of fun doing those things. Then today we woke up and checked out the V-day loot. She loved the balloon most of all. Mental note-get only a balloon for her birthday. Lu had her class party today at school and RWS and I went. I'm thinking that I might not go next time because she was in rare form and I was pretty exhausted when I left. Yikes! It was cute to see the kids and put a face with the names. Now I know who I don't want her to play with (j/k, well not really).

Class treats, thank you pinterest.

Her valentine shoe box. I think hers was the best.

Checking out her V-day loot. We are a HUGE Ariel fan!

Ms. Dee had the class show off their skillzz. They were so proud!

Yummy cupcakes!

Wally enjoyed the festivities. Just kind of took it all in and then took a nap.

Getting some Valentine's shots for Mom. She had been begging to hold him all day. He is about to be too big for her. His head looks like the same size as hers. Beefcake!

Sibling love!


M. Congleton said...

Reynolds is getting SO big! I need to see him soon:)
I need to make a mental note too on limiting Emory's cookie intake to less than 6 in an hour time span- she was in rare form too! WORE ME OUT!!!!

kristen elaine said...

you are about to have a THREE year old! i need to see both your precious babies AND you soon!!!